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Dune Cup Fall Edition, A Blast Premier Qualifier for the Middle East by Calyx

15 Aug 2021

Calyx Dune Cup returns with Fall Edition to offer Counter-Strike teams in the MENA region a chance to

compete at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021.

Calyx is thrilled to announce the return of Dune Cup Fall Edition, a Middle East Qualifier for the BLAST
Premier Fall Showdown (October 12-17).
Following the huge success and tremendous response from the region during the Spring Season, the
Calyx Dune Cup Fall Edition will take place from 26th to 28th August 2021. This is a part of BLAST
Premier’s expanded Qualifier Series that takes place across more than 60 countries and over five
continents, giving teams, be it established or underdogs, all around the world a chance to put
themselves on equal footing with Tier 1 teams.
Through a system of regional competitions accessible to hundreds of teams via open qualifiers, the
BLAST Premier Qualifying Series is set across a number of events and will directly involve 64 teams in the
finals. Winners of each of these events will earn a place in the Fall Showdown along with a $25,000
participation fee for each team to invest into growing and developing their organizations. In the last
edition alone, $175,000 was given out to winning teams from all regional qualifiers.
The winning team from each of these regional qualifying events will not only earn a spot in October's Fall
Showdown but also a chance of claiming part of the $162,500 prize pool, with the ultimate aim of
reaching the Fall Final and World Final.
As part of the Calyx Dune Cup Fall Edition, four teams will receive direct invites and will be joined by two
winners from each of the GCC and Levant & North Africa Open Qualifiers. These eight teams will then
lock horns for the prestigious spot of representing the Middle East on a global stage against the world’s
best CS:GO teams at the Fall Showdown. Defending champions of the Dune Cup, NASR Esports will
return as an invited team for a fresh set of challenges and another shot at representing the Middle East
in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.
Andrew Haworth, Commissioner for BLAST Premier, said: “We are delighted to welcome back the
Dune Cup for the Fall Season after Calyx’s successful hosting of the Spring Qualifier back in March. The
MENA region is a hugely exciting region with a promising future and ever growing talented pool of
players - it's important for BLAST Premier and Counter-Strike to continue to offer teams in this region
the opportunity to perform on a global stage so the scene can continue to prosper in the coming
Ishan Saksena, CEO of Hockwood Games commented, “Calyx is our first step in this region to show to the
world that the Middle East and North Africa is a powerhouse of talents and can be on par with

internationally acclaimed esports athletes. One such initiative for us to display this is the Calyx Dune Cup
Fall Edition. The previous iteration had NASR Esports step up to the global stage in BLAST Premier Spring
Showdown to face behemoths like Gambit Esports and Astralis. This edition will also focus on local and
regional talent and assist them in reaching the big league. Through various partnerships, more focus can
also be brought upon brands and their role in esports and in turn contributing to a new source of
economic growth via esports.”
Calyx is proud to announce its partnership with StreamCards for the Dune Cup Fall Edition. StreamCards
is a Warsaw-based company leading the transformation of esports live streams by delivering interactive,
gamification solutions for professional CS:GO tournaments broadcasters. StreamCards’ core product
comes in the form of a Twitch Extension - a prediction-based card game for audiences to interact with
and compete amongst themselves in real time during esports tournament streams.
Daniel Sieradzan, CEO of StreamCards added, “Our partnership with Calyx is an exciting next step toward
the fully interactive experience of watching esports live-streams. Both StreamCards and Calyx's mission is
to revolutionize the esports landscape. We do it by providing a technology never seen before in esports
broadcast, and in the case of Calyx, it is a wonderful journey of bringing esports to the MENA region. We
are thrilled to partner with such a like-minded company and build together the future of interactive
Calyx has also partnered with IMG Worlds of Adventure for the Calyx Dune Cup Fall Edition. IMG World
of Adventures is currently holding its Summer Festival from 25th June to 28th August 2021. The park is
running with extended timings for the time period and is filled with festivities throughout the day. This
partnership focuses at connecting the gaming community of the region with the world of indoor themed
entertainment and integrating esports with their vast list of activities.
Aravind Swaminathan, Co-Founder of Calyx said, “We are extremely thrilled to partner up with
StreamCards and IMG Worlds of Adventure. As Calyx, our motto has always been to raise the bar higher
and higher with every tournament in the MENA region, from a technological aspect as well as the
viewers aspect. This partnership is another step towards making the esports landscape a much more
engaging and fun experience. Our partnerships with StreamCards and IMG Worlds of Adventure is a right
step towards endemic and non endemic brands joining hands with esports which will help to drive the
growth of esports in the region and also bolster its economy.”
Dune Cup Fall Edition, A BLAST Premier Qualifier will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube from 26th
to 28th August 2021.
GCC and Pakistan Qualifier Registration Link:
Levant & North Africa Registration Link:
Tournament Information Link:


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