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Flash Entertainment return with their second eSports tournament of 2021 from 3 – 9 September! Registration for the Flash Entertainment PUBG MOBILE MENA Cup is open, and you do not want to miss out. Gather your squad to compete for a prize pool of AED 18,000.


  • 3rd, 4th Sept - Qualifiers (Off-stream)
  • 5th, 6th Sept - Qualifiers (On-stream)
  • 7th, 8th Sept - Semi-finals (On-stream)
  • 9th Sept - Finals (On-stream)

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Tournament details

Tournament Rules

  1. Age Limit:
    1. Anyone above the age of 16 years old is eligible to participate in the tournament. If a Player is turning 16 after the tournament, then they will not be allowed to participate, however if the Player is turning 16 before the tournament start date, then they will be allowed to participate.
    2. Game version:
      • The players must use the latest and most recent updated version of the game.
      • Emulators are strictly not allowed, anyone caught using an Emulator will be instantly disqualified.
    3. Map Pool Selection
      • Erangel - Miramar - Karakin - Sanhok
    4. Eligibility
      • Only applicants from the MENA region are eligible to participate.
      • Any Player caught playing from outside of the MENA region will be disqualified along with their team / teammates.
    5. Prize Pool Distribution
      • 1st Place = 10,000 AED
      • 2nd Place = 5,000 AED
      • 3rd Place = 3,000 AED
    6. Tournament Procedure
      • 4 Days of Qualifiers with a squad cap of 256 Teams.
      • 8 Groups of 16 teams – 4 people per team
      • 2 days of streaming for qualifiers, 2 groups per day (Only 4 Streamed groups over the course of 2 days)
      • Each group plays 3 Matches and the Top 8 from each group moves forward to the Play-Offs
      • Top 32 from the Qualifiers will be Split in 2 groups of 16 which is played over the course of 2 streamed days (Day 1 and Day 2)
      • Each group plays 4 matches and the Top 8 from each group will the move onto the finals.
      • Top 16 from Play-Offs then play 4 Matches in the Finals on Day 3
      • Top 3 wins their respective prizes.
    7. Substitutions
      • Each team is allowed 2 Substitute Players.
    8. Match Breaks (For Stream only)
      • There will be a break between every match. Each break will last a minimum of 5 minutes each, an admin will inform the players of any extensions on break timings.
    9. Change of Players
      • Only registered substitutes can substitute for another Player during the game. It is not allowed to have a player fill in if a registered player was not named as a substitute during the registration process.
    10. Server Location
      • Middle East Server.
    11. Player Connections
      • If a player gets disconnected at any point during the game, the game will continue on until the match is over.
      • If a player faces connection issues before the game – and as a result missed the deadline to enter the lobby the match will start without the connected players. The players will have to provide proof to the admin team on why they didn’t connect to the lobby in time.
      • Admin decision on disqualification is final.
    12. Cheating and Scripts
      • Any form of cheating or in-game exploit is forbidden, this is including but not limited to the act of using programs to have an advantage against other players. If a Player is caught cheating or using scripts, their team will be disqualified.
    13. Match Interruptions
      • If a match was interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the participants (e.g., server crash or player crash), the tournament admin will pause the game if needed.
      • If there is no access to the pause system, the game will be restarted.
    14. Use of Bugs and Glitches
      • The intentional use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game is forbidden. The usage of the following bugs is strictly forbidden, if any bug is used which is not listed here it is then up to the admin’s discretion on whether or not a punishment / disqualification is necessary
    15. Player’s recording
      • The player is required to record their gameplay or POV in case the demo is required by the admin.
      • If an admin requests for the demo, a Player has a maximum of 2 hours to submit their demo.
    16. Investigations
      • If a player is suspected of account-sharing/cheating etc., the tournament will still proceed, and the admin team will conduct an investigation after the tournament/stream is finished.
    17. Ping Issues
      • The Organizers are not responsible for any issues relating to Ping as the servers the tournament is played on has been pre-determined.
  2. Further Support

If you require further support, please do not hesitate to message on Discord

Disclaimer: The TO/Admin have the final say in all matters pertaining to the integrity of the tournament and any decision/rule is subjected to change at any point in time as deemed fit by the TO/Admin.

By reading this you have confirmed that you agree to all rules and regulations mentioned above.


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