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eUAE PL Championship

April 24th & 25th

The eUAE Pro League will be an official event which paves the way for local FIFA talent within the country to grow and compete on a global scale.

The eUAEPL will be held in stages: eUAEPL Qualifiers (13th-21th April), eUAEPL Playoffs and the eUAEPL Championship (24th-25th April).

Starting off with the “eUAEPL Qualifiers” which will host a tournament open for the general public competing from all of UAE. The top 2 finalists will book their spots in the eUAEPL Playoffs

Stage 2, the eUAEPL Playoffs will be held in a 16 player bracket tournament format which will connect the 2 qualified players taken from the eUAEPL Qualifiers and pool them along with 14 players nominated by 14 UAEPL Professional Clubs.

After tough matches being held in stage 1 and stage 2, the top 4 Finalists will be pooled into a round-robin group format where the top 2 will advance to the finals and compete in a “Best of 3" to be crowned as the eUAEPL CHAMPION.

The winner of the eUAEPL Championship will qualify to the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series West Asia Playoffs to represent the UAE Pro League.

The eUAEPL Playoffs and Championship will be streamed live on April 24th and 25th on and

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Tournament details


The organizer reserves the right to change/alter some of the rules mentioned here to ensure Fair Play is given to all participants. Rules are subject to change and players should review the rules of each game directly on the game link.

Players should record all their matches using the built-in recording on their console or external recording device, these should be saved and available to be uploaded in case of dispute.


The qualifiers for the UAE Pro League FIFA Tournament aims in getting the best players to compete against each other for a chance to qualify for the tournament itself, where they will face 14 of the best players in the UAE representing different Pro-Clubs.

◦ Qualifiers will be held where the 2 finalists from the general public will qualify to join the 14 pro players representing the UAE pro league clubs for a total of a 16 player bracket.

◦ The final 16 players will be using UAE PL FUT Accounts to play their games. These accounts will have pre-determined loanee items which the players can use during the finals. Any outside players from this account or the use of other accounts are not permitted during the finals.

◦ The 16 player bracket then moves on to continue in a single elimination bracket tournament till the Semi-Finals.

◦ In the Semi-Finals the 4 remaining players will then move onto a group stage format where the top 2 will qualify to the finals.

◦ Finals will be held in a Best of 3 format to determine the final winner of the UAE Pro League.

◦ The Qualifiers will take place from April 13th - April 20th

◦ The 16 Pro Clubs bracket will take place from April 24th - April 25th


You must play your opponent through the FIFA Ultimate Play A Friend game mode.

● Competitors will need to add each other as friends on PSN, it may take a few minutes for your friends list to update and show up on the FUT Play A Friend section

● To do this go to FUT HUB
- Play tab - Friendlies tile
- Play A friend
- Select Your Opponent
○ All games will use FUT Play A Friend default settings, including

Half Length: 6 Minutes
Tactical Defending Required
Pause Rules governed by in-game mechanics

● All players MUST message their opponent via the Message System on PSN.

● A player has 20 minutes from when they have an opponent to start the match, failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

● It is both player’s responsibility to check Gamertags/PSNs before the fixture is played to make sure that all players are eligible to play

● A game played for two 6 minutes halves (90 minutes in game time) with the winner taking that game ○ In the case of a Draw players must rematch with Golden Goal rules (First player to score a goal wins).

● All Training/Attribute cards are strictly prohibited.

● Loan Players are prohibited. In case of a dispute, players must file a complaint to the organizer before the match is complete.

● Legacy defending is strictly prohibited

● All FIFA Pro Cards (99 rated cards given to Football Professionals in their own likeness) are strictly prohibited.

*These may be subject to change at any time prior to the tournament. Please refer to the tournament guidelines, rules and conditions prior to the match time.


● Any rule being broken may lead to disciplinary action. This action will be at the discretion of the organizer, Zawaya Gaming, and the situation will be taken into account. Punishment may include, but not be limited to, forfeits, replays, penalty points, kicks, temporary and permanent bans.

● All participants in any competition will be required to uphold the highest standards and observe common sportsmanship. Racism will NOT be tolerated. If you are seen to be racist in any capacity, then you will have action taken against you. Being abusive in any way towards fellow players or admins will also result in disciplinary action.

● We highly recommend that all players appear offline and set their Friends List to Private during the Cup. However, players are not required to do either of these things.

● Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in a forfeit of a Match Ban, or Ban from Events. Punishable unsportsmanlike behaviour includes but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. In addition, breaking any rule may result in a forfeit of a Game, forfeit of a Match, Verbal Warning or Ban from Events.

● All players MUST be contactable via email and phone number.

● No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the bracket is made live. Players must play at their designated time slots. Playing at a different time slot is not permitted unless approved by the organizer.

● Players found guilty of masking their Region using a VPN or alternate method will be disqualified from the tournament.

*In the case of a dispute or any issues, the organizer has the final say on all matters pertaining to the matter.


● Players are expected to collect evidence of messages sent and received, as well as the final score at the end of every match.

● Failure to produce sufficient evidence of rule breaking will result in the opponent being put through to the next round.

● Evidence is expected to be time and date stamped, showing your opponent’s GT/PSN and in video format. Photo evidence is only acceptable for messages sent and received.

● Competitors are advised to record their games at all times in case review is needed

*In the case of a dispute or any issues, the organizer has the final say on all matters pertaining to the matter.


● If you are unable to connect to your opponent you must contact an admin ASAP. Failure to do so will mean disqualification for both players after 60 minutes. If an admin has been advised, both players will have the remainder of the round to connect or both players will be removed. Ultimately, the decision to qualify or disqualify a player is done by the organizer.

● When having problems with connection we advise both players to contact an admin and then to Unfriend your opponent, hard reset your Console, reset your routers and then re add each other on to your friends list.

● If you or your opponent lags out during the match; the match must be re-started, however, the score and time at the point when the player disconnected shall still stand. In the new game, the score will carry over, and the remainder of the match should be played out. For example, if player one is 2-0 up against player two, but then lags out in the 53rd minute. The match will then be re-started and played up until the 37th minute with player two winning 2-0.

● If a game disconnects in the 90th minute as the score is a draw, then a new game must be started with the rules of Golden Goal applied i.e. the 1st player to score will win that game.

*In the case of a dispute or any issues, the organizer has the final say on all matters pertaining to the matter.


● Both players must report the Match results within 10 minutes of its completion.

● To report the Match results, players must report the Match Score accurately, along with a clear image for proof. The Match Score can then be reported i.e. 3-0 or 3-1, etc.

● If both Players enter the result differently, a member of the Admin Team will be notified of the discrepancy and will intervene. The result will then be adjusted upon conclusion of the dispute.

● Players found to be deliberately misentering results WILL face disciplinary action from the Admin Team.

● If a Match is not played, and neither player reports a No Show, both players will be removed after 60 minutes.

*In the case of a dispute or any issues, the organizer has the final say on all matters pertaining to the matter.


Players should record all their matches using the built-in recording on their console or external recording device, these should be saved and available to be uploaded in case of a dispute.

Players should not harass, message or in any way attempt to distract or direct others to distract their opponents.

Players should not manipulate their internet connection to negatively affect their or their opponent’s connection or gameplay.

Players should each have a light-colored jersey and a dark colored jersey and should choose the opposite of one another to avoid confusion. If Players can’t agree, the home player should choose a dark-colored jersey and the away player a light-colored jersey.

Players will need to be available during Qualification Windows to play their matches. The information will be made available on and via email to eligible Players.

Players should be prepared to submit their scores immediately via “Validate Score” on portal.

Any Player may be disqualified immediately from the tournament, at the discretion of the organizers, for any reason, including for any failure to comply with the User Agreement, Privacy & Cookie Policy, Code of Conduct, which may include but is not limited to:

using any cheats, hacks or other third-party "helper" applications in playing the game;
intentionally disconnecting from the Internet during any game;
colluding with other players in playing games;
taking advantage of known exploits in the game (it is the responsibility of players to understand and avoid all current illegal exploits)

All players should be available at least 15 minutes before their game and should have the opponent already on their friend’s list to play.

Abusive or disorderly behavior, including any use of harassing, negative, or profane language online, will not be tolerated and will also constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

The organizers reserve the right to take any disciplinary action, including but not limited to disqualifying any Player at any time, in its sole discretion.

It is mandatory that both participants within a bracket should add each other prior to the start of the match.


Competitors must be a legal resident or citizen of the United Arab Emirates and must be 16+ in order to participate.

Anyone who has been previously banned from EA events, tournaments or accounts for any misconduct will not be permitted to join and will result in an immediate disqualification.

* The organizer reserves the right to request documentation proof in the form of a Valid Emirates ID or similar from players. The request will be done by Email or Phone. Failure to submit the requested documents, will result in the player being automatically disqualified.

* The tournament rules may be subject to change at short notice on the spot.

Please refer to the rules of the tournament on the tournament page, or send your questions to: [email protected]


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