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ESTAZ Lol Mega Challenge

September 5



Are you ready to test your esports skills against some of the region’s most strong gamers?

Rise to the challenge, form your team and sign up for our upcoming LOL MEGA CHALLENGE on September 5.

You and your teammates may just go home with a mega AED 2,000.

Once you have joined the LOL MEGA CHALLENGE, please make sure to read the rules.

ESTAZ looks forward to welcoming you to its growing community across the region.

Let the games begin.

Got what it takes?

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Tournament details

How to play for 5 v 5 :

  • Check-in for your event which starts 30 min prior to the player’s specific round time
  • Get in touch with your opponent via ESTAZ website chat or discord.
  • Send a friend request to another player or give your opponent the credentials for the room.
  • Join the game along with your opponent.
  • Play the match. (Mode-5 v 5 Map: Summoner's Rift Settings : Tournament Draft, team size 5)
  • After the match, take a screenshot of the match and report your scorecard.
  • Report score with a valid screenshot of game stats

Game Rules For 5 v 5 Mode :

  • If your opponent’s game is not updated, please do contact the Admin.
  • All matches will be played in multiplayer, Mode-5 v 5 Map: Summoner's Rift Settings : Tournament Draft, team size 5 If your opponent doesn’t accept your friend request, you’ll have to wait for 20 min. Should you not receive any response after that, please do contact the Admin.
  • If your opponent doesn’t respond to your chats after check-in, Wait for 20 minutes before reporting the score or contact the Admin.
  • The higher seed will choose side
  • Play only 1 match with your opponent, do not play more than 1 match with the same opponent.
  • The Match Score must be reported within the Round/Match time frame.
  • Do not Hide previous match history.
  • No spectators are allowed in the game.
  • If your opponent has a spectator, you must not play with him, and contact the Admin right away.
  • Every team can pause the game for up to 10 minutes. The total number of pauses cannot exceed five per match. A team can keep the game paused for a longer period of time with the consent of the opponent.
  • Before resuming, the team who paused the game must make sure the other team is ready. The game can resume as soon as the opponent announces readiness. If the opposing party doesn't confirm its readiness, then your opponent’s pause time report begins
  • The winner of the match is the team that destroys the opponent’s throne.
  • If your game has exceeded the 60 minute mark, you need to pause and inform an Admin on the ESTAZ Discord server that your game is delayed. Otherwise, you may receive a technical defeat.

Prohibited :

  • Pausing the game during the draft.
  • Unpausing your opponent's pause during the first 10 minutes, unpausing your own pause without notifying your opponent and their approval, and not pausing the game when all the opposing team’s players have been disconnected from the game are all prohibited. If any of these actions happen, the Referee can penalize the team in violation of the rule with a technical defeat. To file a complaint, you need to provide the Referee with screenshots proving your opponent has violated this rule.
  • Continuing the game when more than one player of a team is disconnected. In this situation the team receives a technical defeat.
  • It is forbidden to flood messages, swear, humiliate, provoke, abuse and deceive participants as well as judges during a tournament by any means. For such violations, the player/team may receive a warning or technical defeat and lose any prizes won. To report such behaviors, you must provide screenshots.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior is prohibited. Examples of such acts include but are not limited to sabotaging a match, manipulation of rules, exploitation of bugs, and verbal abuse. Punishments range from a warning to total disqualification from the tournament.
  • Intentional spam "gg" during the game.
  • Intentionally delaying the game.
  • A player/team name cannot include propaganda, racism, or any form of hatred towards representatives of a certain nationality.
  • A player/team avatar cannot contain violent images, pornographic material, propaganda, racism, or any form of hatred towards representatives of a certain nationality.
  • A player/team name cannot include a domain (for example: or Such players/teams will not be allowed to participate in ESTAZ tournaments.
  • Every user can only have one account on the ESTAZ tournament platform. Duplicate account owners will be penalized.

Important Cases :

  • If Team-1 is checked in and Team-2 fails to check in, then Team-1 gets to the next round.
  • If both Teams fail to check in, both Teams get walkovers.
  • If both teams are checked in and they don’t report scores, they will have to contact the Admin before checking in for the next round.


  • Failing to follow the Fair Play rules of the ESTAZ Tournaments will be governed under Tournament Admin discretion.
  • For help with the In-Game issues, contact the Online Tournament Support Staff section. In the event of a dispute between two teams, the Admin running the competition will review both parties’ explanations and the decision of the Admin will be final. No further issues will be entertained after the decision has been made

Cheating :

  • Every match is recorded and with admins viewing the match in real-time.
  • Players must use “record” to provide us with a demo file in case of a hack allegation.
  • Hackers will be banned from the upcoming events of the specific game.
  • Using scripts or programs that hack the game
  • Players found using hacks and/or mods will be disqualified from the tournament and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.
  • Teaming up with other players/squad in a tournament will lead to disqualification and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.

Contact Details :-

[email protected]


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